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    At Harbor Cay Realty, we value and appreciate our Agents. We provide support, training, marketing and low flat rates for real estate transactions. If you are currently paying your Broker a percentage of each and every sale, imagine how much more profitable a low flat rate structure will be.  After all, you do the hard work – meeting clients, doing research, finding properties, scheduling showings, handling negotiations – why should you have to pay thousands to a Broker who doesn’t do the work, doesn’t support you and your efforts, and perhaps may even be a stranger to you? If you’ve reached the point in your real estate career where you’re ready to take that next step, to expand your horizons, and to be fairly compensated for your success, then the time has come to consider the Harbor Cay Realty opportunity.


    We provide the highest standards of personalized service to all of our clients. We are interested in speaking with like-minded real estate agents to grow our team. Whether you are a million dollar producer, or a part time agent, we expect you to always work hard on behalf of each and every client.

    A career in real estate is both challenging and rewarding. Being successful means lots of study, hard work, research, market analysis, and talking with a lot of people of varying backgrounds and motivations. It means developing effective communication skills, staying on top of an ever changing regulatory environment, and developing a real understanding of local markets, neighborhoods and properties. It means honing negotiating skills to create mutually beneficial outcomes. And it also means taking pride in successfully finding just the right property for your buyer. At Harbor Cay Realty, we’re here to help in every step of the process, to provide the tools and resources that you need, and to make sure you are well compensated for your skill and effort. See the difference that our flat rate fees make compared to traditional commission percentage plans – you could easily realize thousands of additional dollars for each transaction.

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